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Bogdanci Votes on Mines in Their Municipality

Environment | June 11, 2017, Sunday @ 10:40| 122 views

Photo: Perkovski

After Gevgelija the residence of Bogdanci today will vote on whether they want mines in their municipality.

The right to vote is given to around 7000 Citizens of Bogdanci at 12 polling stations.

The citizens will vote on if the building of the mine in Kazandol is to be stopped, and whether they would allow exploitation of any type of ore in their Municipality in the future.

The two questions posed on the referendum are: “Are you “For” or “Against” work continuing on the mine in Kazandol?” and “Are you “For or “Against” the opening of mines on the territory of the Municipality”

For the referendum to be successful half plus one of the voters must turn up to vote. The majority vote of those voters will make the decision and it will be definite, and the local government will have to enforce it.

The residence of this small town in the south are optimistic that the referendum will be successful and that they are voting for a cleaner environment and better health for their children.

The residence of Dojran will vote on referendum on the 18th of June for the Kazandol mine, and the citizens of Valandovo are preparing to hold their own referendum soon.

The first of these referendums was successfully held in Gevgelija where almost 70% of the residence voted against the building of mines on the Kozuv mountain.