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Minister Spasovski Invites Journalists to See VIP Mercedes

Domestic | June 10, 2017, Saturday @ 21:03| 182 views

Mercedes Photo:

Minister of Interior Affairs Oliver Spasovski held a press conference on Saturday to show the Mercedes S­class 600 that was purchased as a specially armored vehicle to transport VIP guests. According to the minister Spasovski, the vehicle was found in bad shape, dirty and scratched, and was used until recently with 57,000 kilometers on the odometer. The purchase of the vehicle was much criticized by the SDSM party while they were in the opposition, claiming its a needless expense by the VMRO-DPMNE led Government.

"This Mercedes worth EUR 600,000 was purchased by Minister of Interior Affairs Jankuloska was kept hidden in the Government garage, far from the public. There were calls from citizens, many of whom cannot afford to purchase even an average vehicle, to see this car. It hurts us that police officers have no uniforms, have no cars to go perform their duties, but the Ministry purchased this kind of a luxury vehicle for then Prime Minister Nikola Gruevski", Spasovski said.

The Minister said that he will not sell the vehicle, and it will remain in use for VIP delegations.

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