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Priebe: Rule of Law, Independent Regulatory, Supervisory and Oversight Bodies

Europe | June 10, 2017, Saturday @ 14:34| 142 views

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Once it became clear that Macedonia cannot hope to get a date to start negotiations without meeting certain reforms, Priebe's report is back in the game. But many it forgot what was this report about and who Priebe is actually.

This report is a product of the European Union for getting out of the political crisis. It was launched in 2015 and defines the list of urgent reforms which are expected to be implemented by the Government for the progress in the EU integration process. At the head of EU experts is Reinhard Priebe, former director of the Directorate for Enlargement.

Former government promoted a plan for implementing the contents of the report which was to be a road map for what areas should be a priority.

Experts led by Priebe made recommendations in five areas where shortcomings were identified- monitoring communications, judicial branch and prosecution, external oversight by independent bodies, elections and media in order to overcome the difficult political situation.

"To ensure satisfactory autonomy of independent regulatory, supervisory and oversight bodies, not only in theory but also in practice in order to act efficiently and without political pressure. This requires not only proactive efforts from the authorities, but also the political will of all other stakeholders to allow them to perform their functions as provided by law, including by allocating sufficient funds. To ensure that membership of regulatory bodies is based on professional skills, professional experience appropriate to the area and comparative advantage in the selection / appointment. To ensure efficient legal sanctions for failure to meet the requirements and recommendations of the independent bodies", states the list of urgent reform priorities.

Before Priebe visits Macedonia next week, Prime Minister Zaev will travel for consultation in Brussels, after which it will be known whether the new government has the capacity to implement the reforms required by the EU.

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