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Zaev­-Bjornstad: EU, NATO Perspectives in Macedonia's Interest

Diplomacy | June 8, 2017, Thursday @ 21:52| 145 views

Illustration, Photo: MIA/Print Screen

­ Prime Minister Zoran Zaev met on Thursday with Arne Sannes Bjornstad, the Ambassador of Norway, for talks on Macedonia's reform priorities paving the way towards Euro­-Atlantic integration.

The government, Zaev said, is committed to swift, quality and efficient reforms, the government said in a press release.

"The work of the government is inspired by the strategic interests of Macedonia ­ EU and NATO integration, which will provide quality living standards for all citizens in Macedonia. Therefore, we are committed to swift, quality and efficient reforms," Zaev noted.

He pledged to create conditions for independent institutions, such as judicial reforms, professional health and educational system and economic development, which is considered essential for the livelihood of the citizens and for completing the implementation of the Ohrid Framework Agreement.

The interlocutors pointed out the experience of Montenegro as a positive example of how a major step forward could be made and how to join NATO through the principle of active diplomacy with Brussels.

"The political crisis in Macedonia is over, democratic processes have been launched and the outcome of Macedonia's progress at home and abroad depends of the will of the politicians. As a Prime Minister and as government, we are taking the task of implementing this process. My visit to Brussels will be realized to that end. At the same time, we are fully focused on an inclusive process of cooperation with the opposition and with all other stakeholders in the society, because the EuroAtlantic process is in the interest of everyone in the Republic of Macedonia," PM Zaev said.

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