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Basha: No Elections on June 18

Region | May 8, 2017, Monday @ 11:42| 149 views

Illustration Photo: MIA/Print Screen

Leader of opposition's Democratic Party Lulzim Basha said late Sunday there will be no elections in Albania on June 18, MIA reports from Tirana.

Basha said the opposition has never decided not to take part at the elections and will not allow them to take place without their participation, while announcing a large protest on May 13. "The biggest ever protest in Albania will be staged on May 13.

We are open for political dialogue. If the other side accepts responsibility for the catastrophic situation in the country we are open to secure free and fair elections for Albanians through political dialogue. We are not leading this fight for ourselves but for citizens' rights", said Basha.

On the other hand, Albanian Prime Minister Edi Rama said he would no longer wait for the Democratic Party and the scheduled June 18 elections would be held without the opposition.

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