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Macedonian Stock Exchange Holds Annual Conference in Ohrid

Business | April 21, 2017, Friday @ 12:25| 75 views

Photo: MIA

The Macedonian Stock Exchange holds its 18th annual conference Friday in Ohrid, focusing on financial markets, shareholding as a model of company organization and novelties in the sector.

Macedonian Stock Exchange CEO Ivan Shteriev said stock exchange developments in Macedonia are satisfactory, seen through the EUR 17 million turnover in Q1, which is the second-best achievement over the past five years.

"However, the political crisis has a negative effect on financial operations, with the market almost entirely relying on domestic investments rather than foreign ones", said Shteriev.

Securities and Exchange Commission president Elizabeta Chingaroska stressed political developments in the country affect the investors' decisions.

"All stakeholders are working on mitigating the consequences from the restraint of investments in Macedonian companies. The Commission is active in creating greater security and stability of the market, along with increased predictability of procedures of stakeholders", added Chingaroska.

Representatives of regional stock exchanges and financial sectors of Sweden and Switzerland also take part at the conference.

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