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Supporters of Joint Macedonia Initiative Take to the Streets Despite Rainy Conditions

Domestic | April 19, 2017, Wednesday @ 19:51| 189 views


Wednesday’s rain did not prevent the supporters of the Civic Initiative for Joint Macedonia from taking to the streets and marching across the city.

The organizers of the rallies said that rain cannot stop them from expressing their love for their country. In addition, they reiterated that the Tirana platform cannot be implemented in Macedonia as it would lead to federalization.

Protesters waved red and yellow flags and took the usual route slowly and steadily, protecting themselves from the rain with umbrellas.

“Rain can melt those who are made of sugar, not titanium. Rain can erase those who leave chalk-marks behind them, not those who create a red and yellow sea. Rain can make those who have a will tightened with a hairspray hesitate, not those who breathe for Macedonia. So, on this day, we will lead the March for Rain,” the organizers of the rallies sent a message via their Facebook profile.

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