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Macedonian Parliament Debates Rama Statements, Genocide Charges

Domestic | April 19, 2017, Wednesday @ 16:27| 170 views

Illustration Photo: MIA/Print Screen

Discussions in the Macedonian Parliament resumed on Wednesday along similar lines, with the debate focused on the Tirana platform and with a filibuster on moving forward with the constitutive session.

Krste Mukoski from VMRO­-DPMNE raised the recent interview by Albanian Prime Minister Edi Rama as proof that the Tirana platform will bring about major changes to the way inter-­ethnic relations are regulated in Macedonia. Mukoski called on SDSM to explain whether they find this platform acceptable, and whether it is the price they are wiling to pay, in order to form a Government after they lost the elections on December 11th. Mukoski said that whoever is nominated to be the next Speaker of the Parliament will have to clearly distance himself from the Tirana platform.

SDSM is trying to push the Parliament forward toward a vote on a new Speaker, and have proposed Talat Xhaferi from DUI, one of the parties that signed the Tirana platform, as their candidate. Oliver Spasovski from SDSM called the Speaker Trajko Veljanoski to push the session forward, blaming him for the delays of the past several weeks.

Zijadin Sela from the Alliance of the Albanians, another party that signed the platform, rose to speak on one of the most controversial issues of the platform - the call for an apology for a genocide perpetrated against the Albanians. Sela said that such an apology would not mean that the Macedonian nation is declared as genocidal, but that the regimes at the proposed time frame were such. The platform would cover a period over which Macedonia was ruled by the Kingdoms of Serbia and Bulgaria, as well as the early years of the post­-Communist takeover.

Ilija Dimovski from VMRO­-DPMNE responded to Sela that he keeps manipulating with nationalist feelings, and pointed to his previous statements that the Macedonian nation did not exist 100 years ago. Dimovski called on SDSM to condemn this statement from their would­-be coalition partner. Dimovski also pointed out to the increase in Albanian population in Macedonia as evidence that any talk of a genocide being perpetrated is absurd, and said that he is merely trying to "be the biggest Albanian in the room, because you have nothing else to offer to your constituents".

The debate was adjourned for a lunch break and will continue in the early afternoon.

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