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OSCE: 330 Observers to Monitor Upcoming Albania Election

Region | April 14, 2017, Friday @ 18:45| 175 views


Some 330 international observers will arrive in Albania to monitor the country's June 18 general elections, Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE) said Thursday. According to a report published by OSCE office in Tirana, lack of dialogue between the Albanian opposition and the ruling parties as well as the political crisis in Albania could affect elections.

"Following an invitation from the government of Albania to observe the June 18 parliamentary elections and in accordance with its mandate, the OSCE Office for Democratic Institutions and Human Rights (OSCE/ODIHR) undertook a Needs Assessment Mission (NAM) to Albania from March 6 to 9," said the report.

According to OSCE, the opposition parties threatening to boycott the elections are creating a tensed climate before the elections, and that the voter and candidate registrations need more attention.

On February 18, the opposition DP announced a boycott of parliament and launched sustained public protests against the government, demanding the establishment of a technical government to ensure conditions for credible elections. The government has not yielded to these demands and criticized the opposition of unduly blocking much needed reforms, OSCE said.

"Caution should be taken while administering the elections, including being careful of the vote buying phenomenon, pressure on public administration employees, media coverage, implementing the rules for party funding, and with the treatment of complaints," said OSCE.

The opposition has so far declared it is boycotting the elections because it "doesn't trust the government to hold free and fair voting". It is also boycotting parliament, and asking the Prime Minister Edi Rama to resign and form caretaker government. There are 3,455,775 voters registered to vote on June 18.

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