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If Crisis Is Settled, German Companies Would Invest Again in Macedonia - Poll

Business | April 11, 2017, Tuesday @ 21:00| 299 views

Illustration Photo: MIA/Print Screen

The unpredictable political crisis in the country has a strong impact in the economy, also being the largest challenge German companies in Macedonia have to face with. Assuming that the crisis is settled, the companies would invest in Macedonia again, because they consider it an attractive destination for their investments.

Presenting Tuesday the findings of its activities in 2016, the Macedonian­-German Business Association said it had detected lack of legal reliability, political and social instability, fight against corruption and crime, lack of transparency in public procurement, etc, as obstacles to business operations.

According to its poll covering 71 companies, the labor market in Macedonia, productivity and working capacity of workers, their qualifications and academic education, the country's tax system, amongst other things, have been rated favorably.

"It's a good sign that most of the companies, i.e. 82%, would invest again in Macedonia. It is a 10% increase compared to last year. It also sends an important message to potential investors. Over 200 companies with German capital employing 15,000 people are operational in Macedonia. Thus, it is necessary the current political crisis to be settled as soon as possible, because it is being reflected in the economy as well," said Patrick Martens, Director of the Delegation of the German Industry and Commerce in Macedonia.

Concurring with him, German Ambassador Christine Althauser said swift settlement of the political crisis was necessary. Germany, she noted, remains to be the largest trade partner of Macedonia and the main market for Macedonian goods to be sold.

Findings of the poll of the Macedonian-­German Business Association show that 51% of the companies rated the current situation in Macedonia as bad. Most of them (63%) said the situation would remain the same, 26% said they expected the crisis to take a turn for the worse and 11% optimistically predicted improvement.

As German investments in Macedonia register a significant rise, the Macedonian-­German Business Association since January has been established as a Delegation.

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