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Gruevski: Tirana Platform to Be Rejected, Solution in New Elections

Domestic | April 7, 2017, Friday @ 21:48| 182 views

Illustration Photo: MIA/Print Screen

VMRO­-DPMNE and the people will not allow the Tirana Platform implementation, the country's redefinition, the ultimate goal being a name change, according to the script of SDSM and the Albanian parties, said party leader Nikola Gruevski on Friday.

Gruevski said swift elections are the best possible solution, so that SDSM can present the Tirana Platform versus his party's concept of a stable, unitary and civic Macedonia.

"We are living in difficult and dramatic times and it is good that citizens are already aware that now is the time to stand firm against what they are doing. People who voted for VMRO-­DPMNE, but also those who opted for SDSM and other parties, and people who did not even vote are currently on the streets", Gruevski told reporters during a visit to Strumica.

He said VMRO-­DPMNE and the people would not allow the realization of the Tirana Platform, to which "SDSM agreed so that would come to power and prevent investigations and sanctioning of their crimes".

Gruevski said that the battle would not end in a matter of days, adding people should be prepared for long­term resistance.

"Solutions benefiting the citizens are possible only through democratic dialogue in the Parliament", he stressed.

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