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MNT: A Suspicious Person to be Performed for 150th Time

Film, Theater | March 28, 2017, Tuesday @ 17:20| 78 views

Photo: Vlatko Perkovski

On the eve of its 72nd anniversary, the Macedonian National Theater (MNT) this coming Saturday is organizing a birthday marathon of plays, including Siljan the Stork Shanca, Life is Beautiful and A Suspicious Person. In fact, the 150th performance of A Suspicious Person will take place on the birthday of the national theater, which falls on April 3.

A Suspicious Person by Branislav Nusic, directed by Sinisa Evtimov for MNT, is a cult play, MNT director Dejan Projkovski told a news conference Tuesday in Skopje. 55,700 theater­goers have seen the play since being premiered in 2007.

"It is rare for a theater to be marking so many performances of a play. A Suspicious Person is one of the few cult plays in the history of the Macedonian National Theater. Each generation of MNT actors have this nice duty to reinterpret A Suspicious Person in a different way. Our generation, thanks to Sinisa (Evtimov) and the entire cast, has done its job well and as a result on Saturday we will be watching the 150th performance," said Projkovski.

Director Evtimov said the play had changed his life in 2007 when he had received an offer by MNT to direct the play.

"The offer for A Suspicious Person came out of the blue and it changed by life because I was considering quitting theater for good. Who would have known that after 10 years I will be sitting here, speaking at a news conference on the occasion of the 150th performance of A Suspicious Person ­ the brand of this theater," Evtimov stated.

Tickets for the 150th performance of A Suspicious Person on Saturday will be available for free for the children of SOS Children's Village.

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