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Ivanov-Orban: Interference of Other Countries in Macedonia's Internal Affairs Unacceptable

Macedonia in EU | March 20, 2017, Monday @ 19:13| 243 views

Photo: MIA

An interference of other countries in Macedonia's internal affairs is unacceptable for Hungary. New snap poll is necessary for resolving the political crisis in Macedonia, Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban said Monday at a meeting with Macedonia's President Gjorge Ivanov in Budapest.

Ivanov extended gratitude to Hungary on its overall support of Macedonia in regard to the constitutional name, challenges deriving from illegal migration, as well as the request to the EU Council to condemn the so-called 'Tirana platform'.

Ivanov briefed Orban on the developments in Macedonia, possible solutions to the crisis, reiterating his positions - elimination of the obstacles to awarding a mandate for forming a new government or calling new early elections.

Hungary stands firmly against the 'Tirana platform', Orban said, pointing out that the EU stability is not possible without stable Macedonia.

'Hungary will keep supporting Macedonia,' Orban said, presenting his opinion to Ivanov on the lack of consensus within the EU Council on the challenges Macedonia has been facing.

The EU approach to Macedonia was inappropriate, Orban said, adding that the country should have joined the Union and NATO long time ago.

Today, Ivanov also held talks with his Hungarian counterpart Janos Ader and Parliament Speaker Laszlo Kover.

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