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Million Refugees May Come in the Balkans

Europe | March 20, 2017, Monday @ 10:50| 310 views

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The disagreements between EU and Turkey may cause the opening of the doors for a new wave of refugees. The Turkey is not satisfied with the way the refugees agreement is being implemented. With the agreement, Ankara obliged to keep the refugees on its territory, and get financial means and abolition of the visa regime in return.

Nothing has changed regarding the visas, and, on top of that, the relations with the Union are tightened up due to the recent happenings between Turkey and the Netherlands. Because all of that, president Erdogan threatened to lift the ramp and let about a million refugees go toward Greece.

That could easily cause repetition of the images from two years ago, when thousands of refugees found themselves at the Greek-Macedonian border near Idomeni. The refugees were desperate to leave Greece as soon as possible because of the bad stay conditions, but also because of the wish to go to the western European countries as soon as possible, which are their final destinations. As a preventive measure against the trespassing, a fence was erected on the south border.

After the number of refugees increased alarmingly, refugee centers were open in Gevegelija and Tabanovce, where two-three thousand refugees were accommodated at one moment. There are hardly thirty refugees now at the both locations, whereas the others returned to Greece.

At the moment, the highest number of migrants is in Srbija - there are about 5,000 refugees in Belgrade, but also in the camp near Presevo.

Proof that the countries in the region are seriously preparing for a new wave of refugees, are the announcements that the Serbian army is at the ready to protect the border with Macedonia.

Hungary, on the other hand, announced that it would finish the building of the second fence on the border with Serbia towards the end of May, so that it would prevent a new influx of migrants coming from Turkey.

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