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Observance of International Francophonie Day

Business | March 20, 2017, Monday @ 09:21| 84 views

Illustration Photo: MIA/Print Screen

The Skopje­-based French Embassy and French Institute will present Monday the activities for observance of March 20 ­ International Francophonie Day.

French Ambassador Christian Thimonie will address the press conference attended by representatives from the International Organization of La Francophonie and the ambassadors of Albania, Austria, Bulgaria, Greece, Romania and Switzerland to Macedonia.

Macedonia has been a member of the International Organization of La Francophonie since 2006, providing an active role in the promotion of the Francophonie in Southeast Europe.

The International Organisation of La Francophonie, formed in 1970, represents countries and regions where French is the first ("mother") or customary language, where a significant proportion of the population are francophones (French speakers) or where there is a notable affiliation with French culture.

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