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Poll: Gruevski Has Highest Rating amongst Politicians

Domestic | March 19, 2017, Sunday @ 15:43| 316 views

Illustration Photo: MIA/Print Screen

Nikola Gruevski, the VMRO­-DPMNE leader, enjoys the highest public trust in politicians in Macedonia (26%), followed by SDSM leader Zoran Zaev with 13.5%, DUI's Ali Ahmeti ­ 4.5%, President Gjorge Ivanov ­ 3% and the president of Besa Movement, Bilal Kasami, with 1.1%.

These are the results of the second part of a public opinion poll by the Skopje-­based Institute for Political Research. It was conducted from March 10 to March 13 via telephone and included 1,100 respondents from all over Macedonia.

Asked which politician they trusted most at the moment, 0.9% said they had confidence in Zijadin Sela (Alliance for the Albanians) and 0.8% singled out DPA's Menduh Thaci.

A total of 31.1% said they had no confidence in any of the politicians in Macedonia, while 2% say they trusted other politicians.

According to the Institute, the opinion poll aimed at examining the perceptions of citizens as regards the Albanian platform, bilingualism, ongoing protests and the ratings of politicians. The Institute said the questions involving bilingualism and the Albanian platform were intended for all ethnic communities in Macedonia, except for the Albanian one, because these processes were designed to improve the collective rights of members of their community. Thus, the perceptions and views of the Macedonians and other smaller ethnic communities in Macedonia were surveyed.

Asked whether they supported the platform of the Albanian parliamentary parties and bilingualism in the country, 54% said they considered it an introduction into bi­national state, more segregation and federalization. 23.8% of the respondents said it would change nothing, it would only improve the rights of the Albanians. "I don't know" was the answer of 22.1%.

On whether they would accept the platform of the Albanian parties in order a government to be formed with Zoran Zaev at the helm, 72.5% said No, 15.2% said they would accept it and 12.3% said they didn't know.

A total of 52.2% of those interviewed said Nikola Gruevski's offer to support a SDSM-­fronted government in exchange of a rejection of the Albanian platform was a 'heartfelt' offer to save Macedonia from federalization. 26.3% said it was an attempt to ruin the SDSM­-DUI coalition. 21.5% provided no answer.

81.8% said personally they would not accept bilingualism to be introduced in Macedonia. It is acceptable for 12.2% and 6% said they didn't know.

Asked about the protests organized by the civic initiative "For United Macedonia", 51% of the total number of respondents said they backed the protests. 34.1% said they didn't and 14.9% said they didn't know.

Amongst ethnic Macedonians, 60% of those interviewed said they supported the initiative, 27.6% said they were against it and 12.4% offered no opinion. Amongst ethnic Albanians, 58% said they had no support for the protests, 17.6% said they supported them. 24.4% had no answer.

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