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Thaci: International Community Aware of Kosovo Army for Three Years

Region | March 16, 2017, Thursday @ 11:16| 96 views

Illustration Photo: MIA/Print Screen

Kosovo President Hashim Thaci has said the transformation of Kosovo's security forces into an army cannot be considered an unilateral move because the international community has been aware of Kosovo's activities in this regard for three years.

Thaci's statement comes after U.S. Ambassador to Pristina Greg Delawie urged Kosovo institutions to suspend the initiative to establish an army at this time, warning Kosovo officials of "potential consequences" of carrying on with the process. He also refuted statements by Pristina officials that the process was proceeding in full coordination with international partners.

Thaci said he had sent a letter to NATO Secretary­-General Jens Stoltenberg, in which he elaborated the constitutional, legal and political arguments over the need for transformation of the security forces into an army and the reason why such transformation should happen now.

"This activity cannot be seen as unilateral just because someone from the international community says Kosovo should get Serbia's permission over its sovereign decisions", said Thaci.

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