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Nazi not on Sar Planina, but in Custody in Kosovo

Region | March 13, 2017, Monday @ 15:40| 373 views

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Regarding the information that has been published on some web portals these past few days, that, allegedly, Lirum Jakupi-Nazi is on Sar Planina together with 80 other armed individuals, the Ministry of Interior of Republic of Macedonia informed the public that all actions have been taken, and that, in cooperation with Kosovo's institutions, they have received the information that Lirim Jakupi-Nazi is in home custody in Kosovo.

Previously, Commander Nazi, with a communiqué to the Albanian media, sent a message to President Ivanov "ARM will soon face our militants who are well prepared." Nazi allegedly claimed that 80 militants were assigned on Sara, and that they would soon free the territories of the ethnic Albanians, so that they would declare it Republic of Ilirida.

Lirim Jakupi is well known to the police, he led the terrorist group in Brodec, which was eliminated by the Macedonian special forces, and he fled to Kosovo wounded.

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