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Balkan Fears: Kosovo Army Can Easily Stir Macedonia and South of Serbia

Region | March 10, 2017, Friday @ 10:22| 476 views


The formation of a Kosovan army will only further spark tension on the Balkans. It will only encourage former UCK's radical structures that now is the moment for the final "liberation" of Kosovo from Serbs, and the next step would be Presevo and Macedonia. So, in no case, should the West make any more wishes come true for lawmakers in Prishtina.

Zoran Dragisic, professor and security expert from Serbia, says the formation of the Kosovo army is an ancient wish of Prishtina's authorities. That would complete the Kosovo independence and sovereignty because for a country to be independent it must have an army.

"The police can have a protectorate, but by creating an army, this project of finalizing the state would be complete. Currently, authorities in Kosovo have absolutely no support to form a military, not from NATO, not from the EU. The Serbs in Kosovo have the right to fear their safety. If this army is created, it will seriously influence the region's security, in Kosovo, as well as in Macedonia. Resolution 1244 does not allow Kosovo to have an army. Security forces are allowed, but that is not an army, not even from a far. I do hope it will not happen. Kosovo's president Hashim Thaci will attempt to reform the security forces and present it as Kosovan Army," Dragisic said in a statement for

Kosovan president Hashim Thaci, initiated the formation of the Kosovo Army, has been disappointed that he did not get the support he expected from NATO and the European Union. The West believes that if Kosovo gets an army it will destabilize the Balkans and that this country is still not ready for such thing.

Since Kosovo declared independence in 2008, the country has limited sovereignty, and the security and border control is carried out by KFOR and EULEX. They also physically keep Serbian population in Mitrovica on the bridge that keeps the city divided in south Kosovan part and north Serbian part.

President of the Constitutional court has also warned that this transformation cannot be made by a new law, but rather with a change to the Constitution, which is contrary to the Resolution 1244.

Kosovo security forces are the official armed force in Kosovo under direct control of KFOR. Their main tasks are to protect civilians, rescue actions, putting out fires, removing explosive devices, etc. The forces were formed in 2008, and have only light arms, and feature 2,500 active soldiers and 800 reservists.

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