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Nicola Sturgeon Says Autumn 2018 Common Sense for Second Independence Referendum

Europe | March 9, 2017, Thursday @ 17:20| 98 views

Nicola Sturgeon Photo: Wikipedia

Scotland's first minister has said autumn 2018 would be a "common sense" date for any second independence referendum, the BBC reported.

Nicola Sturgeon continued to insist, however, that no final decision had yet been made on holding such a vote.

In a BBC interview, she said she would take things forward at "the pace that I think is right for the country".

UK government minister Michael Fallon said there was "no need" for a second referendum on the issue.

However, Sturgeon believed another ballot was "highly likely" following last year's UK-wide vote for Brexit which was backed by 52% of the electorate who went to the polls.

In Scotland, 62% of the voting public wanted the UK to retain its EU membership.

Since the Brexit vote, the Scottish government has argued that continuing access to the single market was vital to the country's interests.

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