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Serbian Activists Are Front-Runners of Opposition Protests in Skopje

Domestic | April 19, 2016, Tuesday @ 12:57| 599 views

Serbian activists are the main organizers of the opposition protests in Skopje. They are the regular front-runners of the protest crowd and they give out clear commands which others have to follow.

'Come on with the whistles' or 'Louder Now' were phrases that they were yelling out Monday at the protest that ended with demonstrators throwing paint-balls at the Culture Ministry building and all over Skopje's Triumph Gate. noticed that the protest is anything but spontaneous. The Serbian organizers looked like they had an enormous experience with events such as these and that they hold the control in their hands. The activists in question are people in the forties, who have established good cooperation with the local groups.

Aside from partaking in the protests, they have been hired to write obscene graffiti throughout the city. A photograph of the city's center emerged Monday on social media, portraying a graffiti next to Mother Teresa's monument that states "VMRO-DPMNE never again".

Their presence in Skopje can further be  noticed through the abundance of cars with Serbian license plates which are scouring the city for new areas where protests can be held.

Most of these activists took part in Serbia's protests when Slobodan Milosevic was taken down from power.

Their style of protesting is almost identical to that in Serbia, with the carrying of red flags and clenching their fist, which is a symbol of the 'Resistance' movement, as well as the constant singing of the song Bella Ciao.

The presence of these 'imported' demonstrators is unsurprising if the fact that SDSM uses a Serbian PR agency is taken into consideration, while Canvas, a subsidiary Soros company that specializes in violent protests, constantly holds lectures in Macedonia.

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